About The Author

An advocate for life messages, aligning my ambitions to comply with my authentic self and on a quest to fulfill a childhood dream, I have created The Art of Living Together Successfully

Now in my upper 50’s, I am thrilled to be able to offer you my experiences of dating and marriage.  These are questions I wished I had thought about asking myself very early on. The Art of Living Together Successfully is a book rich in character, built on experience, and presented in guttural extent, it indulges many aspects of how we all live together and what we should discuss before we live with someone or open our doors to let someone live with us. Life experiences aren’t unique but require a prior reminder of the outcome should you choose a challenging path. The Art of Living Together Successfully offers a catalog of questions to stimulate conversation, debate and resolution.

Life itself is about enthusiasm in finding those things in life that bring you joy and contentment.  Writing does that for me. I am passionate about words as they evoke such powerful emotions. When not working at my day job in commercial real estate, you will find me exploring new book writing ideas (remember the name Sutherland’s Crossing, a suspense thriller, as this will be my next writing endeavor!), volunteering at the local animal shelter, seeking grant money for Georgia SPOT (a fabulous spay/neuter program), researching my next vacation place with my dog Lucy in tow, decorating my condo or simply fine-tuning the next phase of my life to live as peacefully as possible.

I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia with my mixed breed Lucy and do hope to cohabitate with a special man again someday – or if not in this lifetime – at least the next.  I have a wonderful family all of which are back in Canada and although we may be separated by miles, we are never truly far from each other. Sprinkle this with some amazing friends and life feels complete.

Oh…and Lucy prefers not to be called a rescue dog but a rescuer!  She feels this gives her more clout, couch space, and her own purpose. Anyone who knows me knows how strongly I feel about animal welfare.  As stewards of this earth, I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to protect those that cannot protect themselves from the monsters that walk among us; otherwise known as humans.  We must direct our attention to a cause that is so desperately broken and dysfunctional to help it gain momentum for a brighter future for these tortured animals. Together let’s raise awareness to what is really going on with animal cruelty.

And don’t forget that a portion of net profits will be donated to animal welfare!